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About Us

AutomationtoLiberation (A2L) is a group of investors, marketing strategists, management experts and financial wizards. Our objective is to grow your company explosively and then help you sell it for far more than what it’s worth today, we work primarily on equity which makes this win-win.

Ask yourself if currently you could sell your business for $1,000,000 but with our help you could sell it for $10,000,000 wouldn’t you gladly give us 20% because your take home would be $8,000,000 now?
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How It Works

We especially help marketing agencies, staffing agencies, IT service companies, software companies and coaching/consulting businesses that generate profits over $250,000.00 per year.

Another option is for you to receive a cash infusion from our investors via merger or investment so you can grow through acquisition. We also can help you take your company “Go Public” via IPO and we have hybrid options you likely haven’t heard of.

Imagine who you could hire or what companies you could acquire if your business received a cash infusion from our investors of $1,000,000?

Due to high demand for our services, we have to be very selective with who we can work with the first step in the process is for you to watch this short one hour informational webinar which will provide you a step by step road map to your best exit strategy, 
there is nothing for sale on this webinar.

Who We Are

A2L is lead by Greig Wells best selling author of Dare to Succeed and speaker for Tony Robbins Business Mastery live event, he has also been a featured speaker on Leadership at West Point Military Academy. 

Greig has been an international speaker and is the world’s leading expert at helping service based businesses systemize and scale so you can function as true owner and remove yourself from day to day to operations.

Greig’s favorite question is how much vacation have you taken in the last year?  And if your answer is anything less than 6 weeks you would benefit from Greig because you are too tied to operations in your business.

Greig Wells is a graduate from Bentley University a top 5 private business school. He had a 16 year career in IT staffing and Executive recruitment before the last 7 years has run a marketing agency that specializes in using LinkedIn for lead generation for service based companies. 

Greig’s unique blend of back ground in recruitment, marketing, and business process design is what enables Greig to systemize and your scale your agency business so you can eventually sell it for 10X current profits instead of the industry standard of 5x.

In this free online webinar training with Greig he will give help you identify exactly the steps you need to follow to IPO or sell your business for 10x your current profits. 
Watch it now this is only available until we hit capacity.


Cash in...Sell your business for 10x net profits

Get the Exit Formula

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